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USBCO Steels Pvt. Ltd. We strive to keep our customers on the leading edge - now and in future.
O u r   P r i n c i p a l s

We are proud of our relationship with our two main principals—whom we represent in India as exclusive agents. A little bit we would like to say about them is as follows:

M/s Metal Ravne, Slovenia

METAL RAVNE is the sixth biggest producer of High Speed and Tool Steels in the world. The 375-year-old company located in Slovenia, provides “Steels for the Future World”, exports more then 70% of its production and has sales and distribution companies across the world.

At METAL RAVNE Steels are produced complying to various Standards and also as per specific demands. Quality control is a part of the process of Metal Ravne manufacturing, complete documentation based system with material traceablity and standard processes is followed and have ISO 9001, Loyd Register and TUV Certifications. Every lot supplied by the company is accompanied with a Test Certificate showing the Chemical Composition, Mechanical and Metallurgical properties. Continuous patronage of growing customers is a testimony for the quality.

M/s Aichi Steel Corpn., Japan
Aichi Steel is a member of the Toyota Group was founded in 1940 on the principle that “Great cars are made with great steel.”

Since that strong beginning, growth has been powered by the enthusiasm for study and the spirit of creativity that were imparted by the founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. In growing beyond the automobile industry, Aichi Steel has broadened its scope of operations to include the production of high-quality steels in a wide range of fields.

Aichi’s quest is always to be No. 1 in quality, so as to provide customers with the finest possible specialty steel, key material in the manufacture of various products.

From time-to-time, we also import Special Steels from:

Bohler, Germany

DEW GmbH, Germany

Thyssen Materials, France

Daido Steel Co. Ltd., Japan

Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp, Japan

Gloria Materials, Taiwan


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